Four Roles Short Film - One Female 50s/80s, Two Females 20s/30s, One Male 20s/30s

Posted: 05/02/2018

Deadline: 18/02/2018

Role Information

Details of Role

The Memory Box is a romantic drama that portrays a 70 year old living the last days of her life in a nursing home after losing her husband. Although age takes a toll on her memory and physical capability, Frances loves the life she has lived and is able to access the memories of her fulfilling marriage through a memory box, and by doing so she gets to relive her happiest memories one more time.


Elderly Frances - Female - 50’s/80’s

A senior woman so fulfilled and complete by the experiences she has lived, that triggers of her daily life at the nursing home takes her into the memory box, where she is free to relive all her memories once more.

Style Reference: (Emmanuelle Riva - Amour)
(Maggie Smith - My Old Lady)
(Maggie Smith - Quartet)

Young Frances - Female - 20’s/30’s

A younger version of senior Frances that appears in the memories relived by Frances inside of the memory box. She is a strong character with a lot of joy, life and love for her soon to be husband.

Style Reference: (Jessica Chastain - Tree of Life)
(Emilia Clarke - Me Before You)

Claire - Female - 20’s/30’s

Claire is a nurse at the senior home Frances is resident at. More than just a nurse, Claire is a friend to Frances. She is caring and loving and their connection is everything Frances needs.

Style Reference: (Natalie Portman - Thor)
(Eva Mendes - A Place Beyond the Pines)
(Emilia Clarke - Me Before You)

Joseph - Male - 20’s/30’s

Joseph is Frances’s loving and caring husband. Joseph appears on the memories relived by Frances which portray the year leading to their wedding proposal, the happiest years of their lives.

Style Reference: (Ryan Gosling - Drive)
(Richard Madden - Game of Thrones)

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