Actors Needed for Short Film 'Puzzling'

Posted: 12/03/2019 , by Yasmin Smith

Deadline: 15/03/2019

Role Information

Details of Role

‘Puzzling’ tells the story of Benjamin, an elderly man with autism. Benjamin grew up in Ireland in the 1940s, a time when attitudes towards those with developmental disorders were very different. His family didn’t give him the care and support that he needed during his development. Afraid of what the neighbours might think of him, his mother kept him out of sight. This lead Benjamin to live a lonely and solitary life. That is until he meets Sean, a six year old boy, who also has autism. Sean is non-verbal and struggles to make connections with other people. The pair form an unlikely bond through their love of jigsaw puzzles, ultimately giving both Benjamin and Sean the companionship that had been absent in their lives. Their bond enables Sean to learn and develop in a more positive environment than the one that Benjamin was raised in. The story emphasises just how important friendship is to those on the autism spectrum.

MRS CARSON (female, late 20s - early 30s) is an upper-class woman living in the 1940s. When her son Benjamin is diagnosed with a disability, she chooses to hide him away for much of his life as she fears what her social circle might think of him. Required on set for one day.

DR. MURRAY (male, 40s - 50s) – Although he exhibits a strong sense of professionalism, Dr. Murray is quick to decide that young Benjamin will be unproductive for most of his life. Required on set for one day.

ANNE (female, late 20s - early 30s) is a kind, caring mother to her son Sean. Although she can’t always understand him, she is determined to give him the support he needs and to develop a strong relationship with him as he grows. Required on set for 3 days.

EMILY (female, mid 20s) is warm and bubbly young woman who dedicates a lot of her time to assisting people with additional needs. Required on set for 2 days.

Shooting dates: 20th - 25th March

If interested, please send your headshot to and we will email you audition sides for a self tape. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to apply

Application for this role has expired.

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