Casting for digital ad - Photos of Holiday Milestones

Posted: 24/04/2019 , by alexandra

Deadline: 05/05/2019

Role Information

Details of Role

Note – we are casting for photos of people, as opposed to the people themselves;
the cast will not appear in person in the ad, just their photos – so no need to physically attend casting or be at the shoot. License fee will be paid for the use of photographs in the videos, further
information available on request.

Holidays/Adventures in different life stages
We focus on different holidays / adventures in a boy’s life through a series of photos on a fridge door from four different stages

Photo 1 The classic 70s shot of a young boy delightedly eating an ice cream on a beach.
Photo 2. The boy (now a late teenager) with backpacking mates in the 80s boarding a boat or train
Photo 3. The boy (now a man) with wife and small child at a ride on a fun park in the nineties
Photo 4. The man and his wife dining out with their teenage kids in (eg) Portugal in the naughties.

Please note the above are just examples - it can be any holiday/adventure over a person's lifetime (as long as it's a fairly a typical one.)

We are looking for someone who has good photos of themselves as described above in each of the 4 holiday/adventure stages of their life

Actual age: 50 something
Nationality: Irish

How to apply:
Email by 30th April with:
- details of the photos you have
- digital copies of the photos themselves
- photos taken on your phone of the older photos (for them to be scanned properly at a later date)
- Please note everyone who appears in the photograph will need to sign a consent form, or if they are under 18 currently, it will need to be signed by a parent/guardian

How to apply

Company: indie pics


Enquiries should be referred to: alexandra


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