Extras needed for Paddy Slattery's ''Let Your Guard Down''

Posted: 16/05/2019

Deadline: 17/05/2019

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Extras needed for Paddy Slattery's ''Let Your Guard Down'' - only two hours needed!

Have two hours to spare? Why not get involved in a lively pub scene situated in North Inner City of Dublin!

Want to get involved as an Extra in a lively pub scene featuring prominent Irish actors? This is as part of Paddy Slattery's debut feature "Let Your Guard Down".

There is no fee for this but you will only be required for two hours. Participants must be able to travel themselves.

If interested please email richboland1@gmail.com


Gender: Male/Female

Age: 18-50


Location: Dublin

Shoot: 18th May

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How to apply

Company: MovieExtras.ie

Email: richboland1@gmail.com

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